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Exela Helps Major Healthcare Company Optimize Records Digitization

Discover how Exela transformed a healthcare services company's document management process which led to a 30% cost reduction and enhanced efficiency.


A multinational healthcare services company handling approximately 100,000 document images per day across a 6-hospital medical system in Detroit was dealing with an inefficient medical records management process that was preventing them from achieving their throughput goals Slow, cumbersome document handling processes can have a far-reaching impact on business operations, as they consume valuable time and energy employees could instead be devoting to tasks more closely aligned with the organization’s core mission. By optimizing the document digitization workflow, the company would be able to shift resources to more productive uses


The customer partnered with Exela in order to leverage our 40 years of healthcare experience, medical records management expertise, and proprietary technology, targeting greater efficiency and cost savings. Exela solutions experts were able to successfully reengineer the existing process, in a two-phased approach.

Phase 1

Exela stepped in to take over onsite handling of document imaging and indexing by rebadging existing employees and managing the customer’s existing infrastructure to retain critical institutional knowledge and experience and ensure operational continuity

Utilizing a lean management approach to increase productivity and reduce redundant and non productive steps, Exela focused on efficiency gains and cost reduction. We implemented a comprehensive onboarding process designed to identify and hire the right people and adequately prepare them to succeed in their roles. This included onsite and virtual training tailored to the customer’s needs and expectations in order to drive continuous improvement. Employees were also cross-trained in multiple areas to enable continued growth, improved development, and greater job satisfaction.

Exela also provided a high level of risk mitigation and quality assurance during the transition period to ensure a smooth handoff and high standards for output

Phase 2

In the second phase of the engagement, all document imaging and handling work was migrated offsite to Exela’s processing facilities in order to utilize our proprietary technology. Our high-speed document preparation and ingestion solution automates intake and data enhancement, and formats all data and images to the customer’s specific business requirements, allowing digitized information to load seamlessly into the customer’s EMR platform

Implementation of Exela’s advanced scanners and Six Sigma operational best practices provided a significant increase to document throughput. Exela’s advanced data extraction and classification tools also enhanced information capture, improving processing speed and digitization accuracy

  • - Total cost savings of 30%
  • - Flexible, right-sized delivery model starting onsite before moving offsite
  • - Freed up valuable hospital square footage for more productive uses
  • - Cost-saving software and hardware dedicated to scanning and capture process
  • - Robust and insightful reporting platform